Making Truffle Balls

This week my Mum, brother, sister and I made “Truffle Balls”. They do sound very posh, I know, but the are so yum! Really, all they are, are chocolate balls with nuts inside and coconut on top. We made them earlier this week, and they were so nice that they were gone within two days :P.

So, to make these yummy treats, all you need is:

  • 250g of plain tea biscuits
  • 1/3 cup Cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup of walnuts or pecan nuts
  • I cup of desiccated coconut
  • 395g can of condensed milk
  • Optional: use coconut, plain crushed tea biscuits, 100’s and 1000’s or any sprinkles you want on top!
  1. First, you need to crush your biscuits. You can do this anyway you want, although I would suggest either putting them in a bag and crush them using a rolling pin or an electronic food processor, you will need to do this with your nuts too. Then you need to put the biscuits into a bowl and add your cocoa powder, nuts and the coconut.
  2. Next, make a well in the centre of contents of the bowl. Add the condensed milk into the middle of the well. Slowly mix the ingredients of the bowl together with a wooden spoon. If you are unsure what to do, ask an adult for help.
  3. Next you need to let the mixture chill in room temperature for around 20-30 minutes. After you have done this, roll level teaspoons of the mixture into balls. This can be very sticky so you need to work quickly, while the mixture is cool. Also having damp hands helps to roll them.  If you want to, roll the balls into your chosen topping and then leave them in an airtight container. Put it in the fridge.
  4. After about 30 minutes- 1 hour, your truffle balls will be ready to eat!

These truffles are also perfect to have at a small party, as they are quick to make and are the right size to nibble on.

You can also make healthy truffles, but let’s face it, they’ll taste like cardboard!


What they look like!

How much SheriBerri% do you have?!

Hi everyone!

The other day, I made this quiz thing for my friends about how much SheriBerri% they have and, as this, I am going to test you! 🙂


Question 1: What is your favourite Subject?


B. Art



E. Other (If you want, comment down below what that is!)

Question 2: If you could have one wish what would it be?

A. To travel the world!

B. To have infinite more wishes 

C. To eat that big piece of cake that I can see…

D. To go to space 

E. Other (Again, comment what it would be!)

Question 3: Your favourite season is:

A. Spring 

B. Summer

C. Autumn 

D. Winter

E. All of them! 

Question 4: Your favourite sport is:

A. Hockey 

B. Sailing 

C. Football 

D. Baseball

E. Other (Comment what it is!)

Question 5: Your nationality is:

A. Irish 

B. Australian

C. American

D. Indonesian 

E. Other (If you want, comment down below!)

Finally… Question 6: What is your favourite colour?

A. Blue!

B. Sea Green!

C. Pink!

D. Purple

E. Other (You know what I’m going to say) 


Thank you I hope you enjoyed my quiz!! 😀 Click the link below to see your results! 🙂

SheriBerri% Results




The Murder Most Unladylike Books!

Hi Everyone!

Its SheriBerri here and I haven’t been posting anything on my blog for AGES, so here is a review on the Murder Most Unladylike books!

This year, I have really been enjoying the Murder Most Unladylike books by Robin Stevens. These books are about two fourteen year-old girls who lived in the 1930’s, before World War II. Together, they are a part of the Wells and Wong detective society, a society they created, naming it after themselves.

Daisy Wells is the president of the society. She comes from England (which is where the book is based) and she is friends with Hazel Wong, who comes from Hong Kong.

At the moment, there are five books in the series and they are amazing! Daisy and Hazel solve five murder mysteries all over England! The endings are always so surprising! A week ago, I recommended the books to my friend, and she has now finished the first one and can’t stop talking about it! Recently, a new book has been released for Murder Most Unladylike called Cream Buns and Crime. Throughout it, there are loads of mini-mysteries that are so funny and cool and tips from the Detective Society!

Another of my friends and I are into these books that we wrote to Robin Stevens. We were so excited and surprised when she wrote back! She gave us these really cute “Detective Society” badges, which are really cool! Here is the link to her website if you want to find out more about her and the books:

Thanks 🙂 from SheriBerri


Sailing at Datchet

As you probably know, I enjoy sailing and I sail every Saturday at a sailing club near me. I am in the UK Cadet Class, and every month or so every cadet in the class meets up at one particular spot for squad training.

On Saturday the 21‌st of January 2017, the cadet sailors all met up in a place called Datchet Water. It was VERY, VERY cold (-6 degrees!) and it wasn’t very windy, which meant we wouldn’t be moving around that much in the boat. My Helm (who is the person in the boat that is charge and steers it) and I went to go change into our drysuits and wetsuits and then we had a briefing with the rest of our squad group. That morning, I also got my squad jacket, which is a really warm jacket with your squad name sewn on the side. They’re really cool and mine will last me for ages because it is so big on me!

We went out on the water after our briefing and I was really cold but had a lot of fun flying the spinnaker and doing some racing exercises.

The next day we went back to Datchet but there was NO WIND at all! It was around 2 knots and the water was completely still, so we didn’t end up sailing all day. Instead, we did some theory in our squad room and some land drills, like spinnaker flying.

Overall I had a really fun time at Datchet Water!



When I saw that it was going to snow in my home town recently, I was very excited, as were all of my friends. It doesn’t snow that much in England and it didn’t snow AT ALL where I lived in Australia because it wasn’t cold enough. So last Thursday my friends and I couldn’t wait until that night because it was going to snow! In assembly at school, one of my teachers said that school may be closed the next day if there was too much snow, which made us even MORE excited!!

That night, as I was doing my homework, I heard my Dad say “It’s snowing!” and I ran to the front door and jumped outside. The snowflakes started small but then they got heavier and heavier, until I got too cold and went back inside the house. The snow on the ground got really thick, but we could still drive so we went out for dinner and saw that everywhere was covered in white!

When I woke up the next morning, there was still snow everywhere! It looked amazing because my whole street was white! Unfortunately, school was not canceled but our drive to school was so cool because it looked like a Winter Wonderland! I arrived at school a bit later than usual because of the snow, as did everyone else.

At school, between lessons, we had mini snowball fights! I forgot my gloves so my hands got really cold, so next time I must remember to bring them. At break, I had a big snowball fight which was SO much fun, and at lunch we went sledging using bags because no one brought in any sleds. I had SO much fun in the snow with all of my friends and I hope it will snow again!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

tt_2.pngNow as you probably know, I am a very big Harry Potter fan and when I heard that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was coming out I was so excited! I went to see it at the cinema the other day with my friends and it was AMAZING!! The story is set before the Harry Potter series, in the 1920’s. The main character is a man called Newt Scamander, and he has a case full of magical creatures! He is has come from England to New York where he meets some really good friends and goes on an adventure!

I thought this movie was cast really well, and all the characters had there own personalities and I liked them all! However, I found that the movie towards the end got a bit dark and maybe scary for kids under 10. I think it was quite similar to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and if you enjoyed that movie, you will probably enjoy this!

Overall I give this movie a 5/5 because it was AMAZING! It was full of action and was really entertaining. I have also read the book that recently released and I would give the book a 4.5/5 because, although it was really captivating, it was written as a screenplay so the story didn’t flow as well as it might have if it was a novel.




When we went to Italy, we ate some lovely Italian food such as Pasta, Pizza and my favourite- GELATO!

You’re probably thinking: Yeah SheriBerri EVERYONE loves Ice Cream! But Gelato isn’t just Ice Cream, it is the Italian version and Gelato is very similar and different to Ice Cream in many ways.

So what’s the difference?

Well…Gelato is made with milk, cream, sugar and maybe flavouring, but it has a higher proportion of milk than Ice Cream does and it has a lower proportion of cream and eggs (sometimes it has no eggs at all). It is more dense and “fluffy” than Ice Cream because it is churned slowly.

The Flavours

Gelato flavours and Ice Cream flavours are very similar, but some of my favourites were:

  • Fragola (Fra-go-la) – Strawberry
  • Limone (Lim-on-eh)- Lemon
  • Frutti di Bosco (Frutee-di-bos-co)- Fruit of the Forest
  • Cioccolato (Chioc-o-la-to)- Chocolate
  • Vaniglia (Van-i-lia)- Vanilla
  • Nocciola (Nee-chol-a)- Hazlenut
  • Stracciatella (Stra-chee-a-tell-a) – Vanilla with Choc Chip.

The Rules!

When you go to Italy, you have to get the right sort of Gelato! My Mum and I looked up how to find the best type and we found these rules:

  1. The Colours- If the colours are REALLY bright, for instance if it was bright yellow, then the Gelato has lots of artificial colours and flavours put in and not natural ingredients.
  2. The Amount- If the Gelato is piled up in the shop, it means that it has added chemicals to keep it cool, so if it is flat that is best (or sometimes even covered).
  3. The Container- If the container is plastic, it will not keep the Gelato cold which means the Gelato has added chemicals. Gelato in stainless steel is best to keep Gelato cool.

Enjoy eating Gelato!!

Buckingham Palace

In London, we have visited lots of landmarks and one stop was to visit the Queen! Buckingham palace is a very famous landmark where lots of past Queens and Kings have lived. It is a very grand building, which is guarded by the Queen’s Guards, who wear big furry hats and have heavy red suits. I wouldn’t like to do that job in Summer!

When we visited, there was a Guard who was marching up and down the entrance, and would sometimes pause, turn around and lift his gun up and move it to his other arm.

There is a statue outside the palace known as the Queen Victoria Memorial, which was erected for Queen Victoria when she died in 1901. There is a pond around the statue where lots of people have thrown in coins, so I decided to throw one in as well. Next to Buckingham Palace is the Royal Park where we ran around and also saw the Canadian Memorial. I enjoyed the experience at Buckingham Palace!

The Woods of England

Trying to find somewhere to settle in England meant staying at various places everywhere. We stayed in Oxford; an area called Surrey; and in the very heart of London in a suburb called Hammersmith. One town we stayed in was called Battle because there was a huge battle there in 1066. It was called the Battle of Hastings make sure you watch out for my blog post about it!

When we were staying in Battle we stayed at this really cool place called the Shooting Box where we had a brilliant view of horses, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, deer, hills and even amazing jet planes. It had 4 stories and could fit 9 people!

We found an awesome walking track into the woods. In order to get there we had to walk along a very narrow road and find the entrance gate. We looked at the map wondering where the gate was located and my Dad went for a run down the road to locate it. I looked around and realised that the gate was actually behind us. My mum, my brother, my sister and I climbed up an embankment to the gate and waited until my Dad came jogging back, exhausted, and we jumped out showed him the gate! We climbed over and found ourselves in a field with a family of friendly alpacas, which came up to us and we patted them and fed them apples. They were really cute!  Afterwards, we kept walking through some more fields and finally came to the WOODS!! In the woods, the trees blocked out a lot of the sun so it was quite dark and we journeyed through in hopes of finding some deer. Suddenly we heard rustling though the trees and thought it was deer, but we were talking too loud and the rustling stopped.

Luckily, however, the next morning, I was looking out the window and saw some “weird looking cows” and then realizing they were deer! There were about 10 and my Brother got a really good photo of them.

We also saw some deer in a place called Churt. We were staying in a place called Woodpecker Cottage we went for another “walk in the woods” and came to a clearing with deer! And also when we were staying in a place called Stanford Lodge in Surry deer came right up to our rent house at dusk! I think we were pretty lucky with deer.


Singapore Flag


As well as moving to London, we stopped off in SINGAPORE!

It was lovely and hot, which means ice cream, swimming,  shorts and T-shirts! Yay! We went to some amazing places, such as Gardens By The Bay, which are two big domes shaped like shells, used as giant green houses with plants from all over the world inside! It’s a bit chilly, so make sure you bring a cardigan or jumper, so you’re not wearing your Dad’s! It’s pretty cool, particularly the one that has a HUGE waterfall! You get to go up really high and even throw a coin down the BIG waterfall. Marina Bay Sands is right next to Gardens By The Bay and if you haven’t heard of it- it is this tall building that has three main structures joined together by a large swimming pool at the top! Imagine how cool the view of the city would be! My little brother and sister both called it “The Surfboard Building”, because the pool looks like a big surfboard!

Even though Singapore is nice and hot you can get some pretty big down pours too! While we were at the fantastic Singapore Zoo, we got completely drenched, particularly me, because I went into an enclosure where you can get up close to monkeys and it was pouring down with rain and the enclosure didn’t have a roof to it! I was the only one who dared to go in there while it was bucketing down with rain so that’s how I got drenched!! And I didn’t see any monkeys because they were all hiding from the rain!

But Singapore Zoo was still so much fun! I got to see two of my favourite animals (unfortunately no Snowy Owls) but there were Tigers and Otters! YAY! We went on a relaxing boat ride called a river safari and saw some safari animals from the zoo, like giraffes, rhinos and elephants! But even more cool was- THE AMAZON RIVER QUEST! It was this fun ride where you sit in a small canoe-like boat and you go on this water lift and go up up up! Then you go down a small water slide and then you start cruising along a small river and see all this wildlife- it’s so cool! Along the way you go down you get to go down small waterslides too! 

If you ever go to the Singapore Zoo, I strongly recommend the Amazon River Quest! Also the ice cream there too which my friend had recommended to me before I went and we found that very useful, so now I am recommending it to you! It a bit expensive though but delicious! Another thing about ice cream we found out about though- all ice cream is quite expensive. I’ll never forget our time in Singapore, from the moment I stepped out from the plane wearing jeans and feeling extremely hot, to getting up early in the morning a feeling excited to go to London.