Buckingham Palace

In London, we have visited lots of landmarks and one stop was to visit the Queen! Buckingham palace is a very famous landmark where lots of past Queens and Kings have lived. It is a very grand building, which is guarded by the Queen’s Guards, who wear big furry hats and have heavy red suits. I wouldn’t like to do that job in Summer!

When we visited, there was a Guard who was marching up and down the entrance, and would sometimes pause, turn around and lift his gun up and move it to his other arm.

There is a statue outside the palace known as the Queen Victoria Memorial, which was erected for Queen Victoria when she died in 1901. There is a pond around the statue where lots of people have thrown in coins, so I decided to throw one in as well. Next to Buckingham Palace is the Royal Park where we ran around and also saw the Canadian Memorial. I enjoyed the experience at Buckingham Palace!

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