Going (and moving) to London

I think a word to describe how I was feeling when I knew we were really moving to London was EXCITED. At the start I was told to keep it a secret from my friends. THAT was hard!! When I told them at last one of them said, “I don’t know how you kept it a secret because I would never of been able to do that!” We had already sold our house and it looked really clean! It sold twice because the first people changed their mind, and then, the next day, we had a new offer! We had to move everything we owned, sell it, put it Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.35.35 pmin our storage unit, or give to friends and family. Also our beds were getting packed so we had to find somewhere to sleep. Luckily our fantastic friends had a perfect holiday apartment for us, where we did some packing. After ALL that, which took ages, ages and ages, we were FINALLY ready to go. We said all our goodbyes to friends and family and, when the morning came, we arranged all our suitcase and hurriedly got ready to go. We weren’t shipping anything over because it was easier to buy things in the UK.


I couldn’t wait to get to London, but first we had some places to go (see my post on Singapore), such as staying for 1 night in Sydney. The hotel where we stayed was right near the airport so I got some cool pictures of planes.

IMG_3385Although it was cool to see the planes, it was hard to get to sleep because of the noise and we were too excited to get to sleep anyway!

The next day we work up and excitedly got dressed. When we flew out of Melbourne, we went through all the security stuff with our bags and I forgot to take scissors out of mine! You’re not allowed scissors on the plane! We had to make sure ALL scissors we had in our suitcases REMAINED in our suitcases but when we were hurrying through the security at Sydney airport the security members discovered that my brother had scissors in his pencil case!IMG_8049

We had a quick bite in the Qantas lounge and, sure enough, as we just began eating, they called our plane out to start boarding. We ate our breakfast quick smart and hurried to the plane.