The Murder Most Unladylike Books!

Hi Everyone!

Its SheriBerri here and I haven’t been posting anything on my blog for AGES, so here is a review on the Murder Most Unladylike books!

This year, I have really been enjoying the Murder Most Unladylike books by Robin Stevens. These books are about two fourteen year-old girls who lived in the 1930’s, before World War II. Together, they are a part of the Wells and Wong detective society, a society they created, naming it after themselves.

Daisy Wells is the president of the society. She comes from England (which is where the book is based) and she is friends with Hazel Wong, who comes from Hong Kong.

At the moment, there are five books in the series and they are amazing! Daisy and Hazel solve five murder mysteries all over England! The endings are always so surprising! A week ago, I recommended the books to my friend, and she has now finished the first one and can’t stop talking about it! Recently, a new book has been released for Murder Most Unladylike called Cream Buns and Crime. Throughout it, there are loads of mini-mysteries that are so funny and cool and tips from the Detective Society!

Another of my friends and I are into these books that we wrote to Robin Stevens. We were so excited and surprised when she wrote back! She gave us these really cute “Detective Society” badges, which are really cool! Here is the link to her website if you want to find out more about her and the books:

Thanks 🙂 from SheriBerri


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