When we went to Italy, we ate some lovely Italian food such as Pasta, Pizza and my favourite- GELATO!

You’re probably thinking: Yeah SheriBerri EVERYONE loves Ice Cream! But Gelato isn’t just Ice Cream, it is the Italian version and Gelato is very similar and different to Ice Cream in many ways.

So what’s the difference?

Well…Gelato is made with milk, cream, sugar and maybe flavouring, but it has a higher proportion of milk than Ice Cream does and it has a lower proportion of cream and eggs (sometimes it has no eggs at all). It is more dense and “fluffy” than Ice Cream because it is churned slowly.

The Flavours

Gelato flavours and Ice Cream flavours are very similar, but some of my favourites were:

  • Fragola (Fra-go-la) – Strawberry
  • Limone (Lim-on-eh)- Lemon
  • Frutti di Bosco (Frutee-di-bos-co)- Fruit of the Forest
  • Cioccolato (Chioc-o-la-to)- Chocolate
  • Vaniglia (Van-i-lia)- Vanilla
  • Nocciola (Nee-chol-a)- Hazlenut
  • Stracciatella (Stra-chee-a-tell-a) – Vanilla with Choc Chip.

The Rules!

When you go to Italy, you have to get the right sort of Gelato! My Mum and I looked up how to find the best type and we found these rules:

  1. The Colours- If the colours are REALLY bright, for instance if it was bright yellow, then the Gelato has lots of artificial colours and flavours put in and not natural ingredients.
  2. The Amount- If the Gelato is piled up in the shop, it means that it has added chemicals to keep it cool, so if it is flat that is best (or sometimes even covered).
  3. The Container- If the container is plastic, it will not keep the Gelato cold which means the Gelato has added chemicals. Gelato in stainless steel is best to keep Gelato cool.

Enjoy eating Gelato!!